Jianping Shi  

Executive Research Director

SenseTime Group Ltd

Email: shijianping at sensetime dot com


Currently I am an Executive Research Director at SenseTime. My goal is to find solution to real world problem using computer vision techniques. Currently, I lead the autonomous driving R&D team in SenseTime. We are developing fundamental algorithms and practical system for autonomous driving including perception, localization, mapping, decision and planning, control, etc.

I got my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering Department in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015. My supervisor is Prof. Jiaya Jia. Before that, I received the B. Eng degree from Computer Science and Technology Department in Zhejiang University in 2011, under the supervision of Prof. Zhihua Zhang.

I am recruiting self-motivated interns / full-time researchers and developers in computer vision, deep learning, and most importantly, autonomous driving system. If you are interested in, please directly send your CV to my email.



Selected Publications [My Google Scholar]

For the full publication, please refer to my Full publication list

Some Members in Our Group

Chenzhuo Zhu, 2016.02 - 2016.06, Currently PhD in Stanford
Chongruo Wu, 2016.06 - 2016.08, Currently PhD in UC Davis
Xingang Pan, 2016.05 - 2016.10, Currently PhD in CUHK
Xiaohang Zhan, 2016.05 - 2016.10, Currently PhD in CUHK
Guangliang Cheng, 2016.06 - Now, Currently full time researcher in SenseTime
Hengshuang Zhao, 2016.06 - 2016.09, Currently PhD in CUHK
Zhe Wang, 2016.12 - Now, Currently full time researcher in SenseTime
Dayu Yue, 2016.09 - Now, Currently full time researcher in SenseTime
Xiaoxiao Li, 2017.02 - 2017.04, Currently PhD in CUHK
Shu Liu, 2017.04 - 2017.11, Currently PhD in CUHK
Xinge Zhu, 2017.09 - Now, Currently intern in SenseTime and will become PhD in CUHK
Jia Wang, 2017.10 - Now, Currently full time researcher in SenseTime

Honors & Awards

Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship (10 awardees in Asia), 2013
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (114 candidates in Hong Kong), 2011-2015
The Best Teaching Assistant Award (4 recipient in CSE department), 2012-2013
PCCW Foundation Scholarship, 2013-2014, 2014-2015
Google Hong Kong Anita Borg Scholarship (4 recipients in Hong Kong), 2013, 2014
KDD Cup 2013 - Author-Paper Identification Challenge (Track 1), 6th Place (561 Teams), 2013
HK-ACM Best Junior Research Award, 2013
HK-ACM Best Poster Award, 2013
Excellent Bachelor Thesis in Zhejiang University (100 students from 5000 in all majors), 2011
Chu Kochen Honors College (About 200 best students out of 5000 freshmen are chosen), 2007-2011
Excellent Student Scholarship in Zhejiang University, 2007-2010
Outstanding Student Cadres, 2009